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Anxiety is by far one of the most common problems that people are facing today. There is no age limit for anxiety to strike. Due to the constant stress we undergo, it is no wonder that we are also victims of anxiety. Valium is a drug that is given to a patient that is suffering from anxiety. This is a drug that helps to relax the muscles and nerves of the body so that the person can sleep well or calm down when they start having their anxiety attacks.

Leave it to the doctor

There are no tests required before you start taking the medicine, this medicine is given to people who are of different age groups, and the only thing that is taken to mind is the dosage. The dosage varies from patient to patient.

Dosage and positive effects of the medicine

When your doctor prescribes you this medication, the dosage will be anywhere between 5 mg – 20 mg for adults and for children it is anywhere between 1mg to 2.5 mg depending on the age. The patient may have to take it anywhere between once to four times a day depending on how bad the patient’s anxiety problem is.

Other positive effects of the drug

Once the medicine is consumed, it will get to work anytime within an hour of the consumption. When it is taken regularly, it helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and help the person to start living a normal life. The results of this medication can be seen anytime within a week itself. This medication is prescribed for a short time because it helps a person in a positive way.

Patients with other kinds of diseases can take this medicine

Valium is not just given to people who suffer from anxiety. This is also given to some patients who have seizers, epilepsy or muscles spasms. Children who suffer with night terrors are also prescribed this medication to help them relax.

Its availability

This drug is available at any hospital, druggist or medical store and even on the internet. It is given to patient only with a prescription.